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ANY GIVEN DAY (in production)

Associate Producer

Three people caught in the system:
An inside look at Chicago’s mental health crisis 

Currently in production, Margaret Byrne's (RAISING BERTIE, 2016)  feature documentary ANY GIVEN DAY examines the systemic roots of the mental health crisis in Chicago and the human impact policies have for those living with mental illness and their families. We intimately follow the lives of Daniel, Angela, and Dimitar, three defendants that pled into the Mental Health Court Program in Cook County, a diversionary probation program that provides court mandated treatment and a chance to expunge your record. Through their stories we also meet Judge Edidin and her mental health court team who work to ensure participants graduate with the treatment and individual support they need to be successful.



Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Recordist, Associate Producer

Life in Strides tells the story of Jake, a young man with autism, who has become a champion in therapeutic horseback riding. Jake’s mother Joanne has been by his side throughout his riding career, helping her son stay calm on his horse. Now, Jake is put to the test as he enters his most difficult competition yet, where the circumstances are far outside either Jake or Joanne’s control.